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Bremerton Wa Family Law Attorney

Nearly half of all first-married people end up separating and in search of a divorce attorney. For second marriages and beyond, the numbers are even higher. If you think your marriage is over in Bremerton, WA, these 3 tips may help you avoid a lot of complications

Are You Both Sure What You Want?

Many couples separate only to get back together again. If you are not 100 percent certain the marriage is over, give it some time before you hire a family law attorney. You may also want to consider professional counseling or talking to a trusted friend or relative.

Consider the Kids

Children should always be the priority, so do your best to reach a compromise, even if you are not happy with the results. If you hire a family law lawyer in Bremerton and get into a huge custody battle, chances are, the kids are the ones who are going to suffer the most. Think of the kids and see a probate attorney, to make sure your will is in order, too.

Get Legal Protection

If your spouse has sued you for divorce, time is very important. When you just sit back and let things happen, you could end up with the “short end of the stick.” Talk to a competent divorce lawyer in Bremerton as soon as you can. The Law Office of A. Scott Kalkwarf is here for you. Call us today if you need a family lawyer or probate attorney. The number is 1-360- 876-401.