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Family Law in Kitsap County

Going through a divorce? Need a parenting plan? We’re here to help.


Divorce— Ending a marriage is never easy, but skilled, professional divorce representation can be the difference between efficient closure and a chaotic process that makes a bad situation worse. No matter how complicated your circumstances, Scott Kalkwarf can help manage the legal requirements and guide you to a fair resolution.

Child custody and relocation— Scott Kalkwarf understands how emotional and contentious child custody disputes can become. Whenever children are involved, he focuses on their well-being while diligently pursuing a result that maintains strong parent-child relationships and addresses details such as visitation and holidays.

Child support— State law sets child support levels based on factors such as parental income and the number of children involved. However, only a thorough family law attorney can detect items such as unreported income that can lead to unfair results. Scott will help you obtain an appropriate rate and assist with enforcement and modification requests when necessary.

Property division— Washington is a community property state, where most assets accumulated during the marriage are divided fairly. When the parties cannot agree on a split, Scott can help clarify which property and debts should be separated from the marital division.

Marital agreements— Divorce can overturn your financial situation. Through prenuptial and postnuptial agreements, Scott can help you establish a secure plan in case the marriage ends.

When you need help with family law matters in Port Orchard, Olalla, Silverdale, Belfair, Poulsbo, Bremerton, or anywhere in Kitsap County, you can trust The Law Office of A. Scott Kalkwarf.