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Real Estate Law in Kitsap County

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Boundary dispute – Emotions can run pretty high when there is a dispute with a neighbor over where the property line actually divides your respective properties. Preserving your relationships with adjoining landowners is very important. However, a fence, wall or other structure encroaching on your lot can have a significant impact on your future rights to that land if you do not take action. Depending upon the facts of your case, your neighbor may have to remove the structure or buy that strip of land from you.

Deed – A real estate deed is an important legal document required any time you want to sell the property, gift it to a relative, put it into trust, or add or remove a person’s name from the title. A deed transfers an ownership interest in real estate (also called “real property”), and, in the case of a sale of property, is signed and delivered by the seller to the buyer. Whether the transfer is by sale, gift or otherwise, Scott Kalkwarf can prepare or review your transaction paperwork, including the deed, to make sure that everything is properly executed. Having a competent lawyer involved throughout the process could save all parties to the transaction time and money in the long run.

Easements – Easements are rights to property that people give or sell to others, and sometimes easements can be acquired through continued use over long periods of time. For example, someone may have an easement to drive across a neighbor’s property to get access to land that would be otherwise inaccessible. That easement may have been bought from the property owner, or it may have been acquired over a long period of continuous use. Whether a neighbor is claiming an easement over your property, or you have an easement that a neighbor is trying to block you from using, Scott Kalkwarf has been dealing with a full range of real estate issues for many years in Port Orchard, Silverdale, Bremerton WA and surrounding areas of Kitsap County.

Purchase – The Sale Agreement (earnest money agreement) can be the most important document in your transaction process. It pays to make sure that this form includes all of the protections and contingencies you might need if things do not go as planned. Buyers and Sellers, with or without realtor assistance (FSBOs), should get assistance at this step in the process. Residential properties have unique aspects to consider and spending a little money up front can save you a lot of money in the long run.

Mortgage – Any real estate loan needs to be adequately secured by an interest in the affected real estate. Deeds of Trust come in different flavors, and it is important to ensure that your loan documents are appropriate for your needs and the particular circumstances. If things go wrong, with payments or other undertakings, I can assist with Deed of Trust foreclosure matters.